PFsense: Limiters to minimize LAG on Online Games

This is a basic guide on how to minimize LAG on online games (ex. LoL & Dota2).

I will be assuming that you already have a working PFsense installation, so if your looking for a installation guide this is NOT it.

First we need to know what is your actual download and upload speed, please use to get your results.

I’m using a 20mbps (no-data cap) from PLDT Fibr Plan 1889, I usually get 20mbps on the download side and only 10mbps upload speed (for reasons unknown to me and already tried calling Technical Support but to no help!).

What I usually do is quantify the bandwidth, 60% for Online games then 40% for Browsing. This is for me and for your use and purposes you can change this.

Online games
20 x 1024 x .60 = 12,228 download
10 x 1024 x .60 = 6,144 upload

20 x 1024 x .40 = 8,192 download
10 x 1024 x .40 = 4,096 upload

Now we make a limiter for Online games with a download speed of 12,228kbps and upload speed of 6,144kbps. Then another limiter for Browsing with a download speed of 8,192kbps upload speed of 4,096kbps, you should have something like this.

We go to the Firewall LAN rules tab, so we can apply this limiters:

http part 1 of 2
http part 2 of 2

https part 1 of 2
https part 2 of 2

gaming part 1 of 2
gaming part 2 of 2

Firewall LAN Rules

This should minimize LAG on all you Online Games.

Installed a new game do you need to update your PFsense firewall rules? No, you don’t have to.



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