Do you have old webcam’s just collecting dust? If your answer is YES, then re-use them as CCTV cameras! We all know that in our line of business (Internet Cafè) CCTV is an necessary tool to protect our investment and also our selves against unwanted situations.

Here is what I used for our home-based Internet Cafè, the webcamXP. Basically it turns your PC (Desktop or Laptop) to a CCTV DVR.

Just like any CCTV DVR you can add many cameras or webcams for our case, as long you have the necessary USB ports on your PC, once you connected and configured your webcams you can start recording just like in any CCTV DVR. Also just like CCTV DVR’s you can view your webcams thru your LAN or over the Internet using any browser, and yes even in your smartphone.

LAN View CAM01
LAN View CAM02
WEB View CAM01
WEB View CAM02
Android View CAM01
Android View CAM02



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