Converge ISP + PFsense

This past few weeks our Fiber connection from ConvergeICT was giving me a crap connection! It started with slow upload speeds Angeles-Comclark and Angeles-ConvergeICT, then upon further troubleshooting I found out that we are also getting very high latency/ping in and! Usually the ping on the said websites/hosts are 1-digit but it was 2-digit and going to 3-digits as shown in the links.

I emailed the Converge Service Desk with our account details and diagnostics results and within 30 minutes I have receive a reply, stating that they have receive and filed my report and provided me with a ticket number as reference.

Next day I check to see if they have resolved the connectivity problem but unfortunately it was not. Once again I checked my email and seen that they have replied to me and followed as thier instruction, the results where half and half as follows:



As shown in the results at least the upload speed has been restored but the high latency/ping has worsen. So I have emailed them the results and was given this reply about 20 minutes after I sent them the results, after the said troubleshooting steps from their NOC.

After the said 24-48 hours, a technician came to our house and checked the signal of the fiber modem and guess what the signal is okay! I showed the technician what is our problem with their connection, just for the sake of less complexity I have hardwired a desktop PC to their fiber modem and showed the said high latency/ping, but the speedtest results was at spec which is 50Mbps download and 50Mbps upload and to which the technician said that they will endorse it back to the NOC because the problem was in the network and not the signal.

After 1-2 days as I have been busy with other chores, I have begun to diagnose our connection again as because the browsing experience is becoming worse and worse! Again I emailed the service desk with the following ping results and This time just after 5-10 minutes they relied  and not only once but twice. The next day, another technician came-in and to no surprise the signal is good and optimal, the technician said that he will again endorse the issue to their NOC engineer as he cannot do anything about the high latency/ping that we are experiencing.

As to my frustration of the slow to no browsing issue, I have resolute to my self to find a way to fixed the said issue. After spending hours on internet forum’s and researching and reading horror stories of other customers, I started to asking my self “What was I thinking, subscribing to a small ISP!!!” anyway what I gathered through my research is that the DNS of ConvergeICT “SUCKS!!!”.

I began experimenting of how to implement a good DNS over out network and just bypass the default DNS of ConvergeICT, I was already using PFsense as our firewall/router and have already configured OpenDNS to it before and I was puzzled why the issue have become persistent, upon further troubleshooting using OpenDNS on the PFsense or on the desktop PC directly, to no success because there are still times when the webpages loads slowly or does not load at all! I decided to mess around with the GUI of the modem and found out that you can manually input your desired DNS. I tried several DNS, from what I gathered from my research I have several DNS address from one user in the TipidPC forums, here is his exact post.

In his post itself and from what I understand he uses four DNS, two of PLDT, ( & and two of ConvergeICT, ( &, and this is configured to his PFsense, I have tried to mimic his configuration and after hours of testing and to may dismay the problem persist! So I decide to manually input the said DNS ( & directly on the modem and to my delight ping on drop to 1-digit again and upon testing for several hours I did not experience the slow browsing or no browse issue anymore. Unfortunately this is a hardwired connection to the fiber modem, now I need to figure out how to configure this for our network or in other words in PFsense.

As I said before I have already configured OpenDNS in PFsense before but was experiencing slow browse to no browsing at times. So what I did was to configure my fiber modems IP as the system DNS of PFsense by enabling this on the General Setup then on the DHCP server manually inputed the OpenDNS as shown here.



18 thoughts on “Converge ISP + PFsense

    1. When they first installed the service, I have asked the technician if he can show me how to bridge the modem, the technician was a subcontractor and does not know how to do it. After several days I called the Tech Support asking them to bridge my modem since I have a 3rd party router and a more powerful wireless AP but the response of the TS was that they don’t support bridging the modem as it will break the connection. I have another fiber connection from another ISP and they also don’t support bridging the modem but they said it’s because of the CGNAT network type that they are using.


  1. Just login to their modem then go to “Interface Setup” > “Internet”. Under “Dynamic IP” > “Common Options” > “Bridge Interface”, select “Activated”. Click on “Save”. The modem might restart or would need to be restarted for the changes to take effect.


  2. Is there a way that I can open ports under Converge Fiber so I can view my cctv remotely? I tried to configure port forwarding but it always says that my ports are closed. It seems that Converge is blocking my ports. I would be using Dyndns so that even though my ip address is dynamic, I cant still access the CCTV using a domain assigned by Dyndns. I forwarded the ports both in the Epon modem and the TPLink Router I connected to it and still ports are closed. Can you please help? When port forwarding was done while under PLDT DSL, just by testing the ports if they are open via it will say that ports are open. But when I changed ISP to Converge Fiber, I cannot get to open the ports even after port forwarding it.


  3. Hi good day! After the technician finished to install the modem, i can’t login to my GUI as admin. And also there’s no internet connection in WIFI & LAN but if i will configure my network settings it has a connection. Please help 🙂 Thanks


  4. Good day sir., im trying to login on converge device. i’d try to use user: user2 and pass: 12345, but no luck! can you help me? i want to bridge mode my converge router too, i can only use user: root and pass: adminHW, but it think this is only secondary user account. please help me. TIA


  5. ok ok, thank you sir.

    can you give me sir an idea? my youtube respond so slow. i do have converge 50mbps. youtube is good when i do standalone connection with converge router. but when i connect pfsense router and check youtube. it takes a second or a minute to buffer, sometimes it didnt respond. im just too frustrated. i already try to make a new fresh setup of pfsense but still the same thing happen. i already insert a opendns. even converge dns didnt help. please help me. TIA


  6. Don’t change the Converge modem’s IP (e.g. For Pfsense change it to (e.g.

    And try these DNS

    About 3 weeks ago I have been experiencing slow and selective browsing, according to the TechSupport I should be using the DNS above.


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