Pfsense Blog Post

What is PFsense?

In my own words and basic understanding, PFsense is a firewall/router software that can be installed to your desktop PC to be used as the firewall/router in your network.

For a detailed introduction and list of functions of PFsense please go to their official website

Why use PFsense?

In a network environment where you have several users fighting over the limited bandwidth just like in our small internet café some user will suffer and or all users will be chocked for internet bandwidth. With PFsense’s ability to manage the limited bandwidth it will greatly improves the all over internet experience for all.

How to use PFsense?

INTERNET –> ISP Modem –> PFsense Desktop PC –> Network Switch/Hub/Wireless AP –> Wired/Wireless Clients.

PFsense on action.
PFsense on


4 thoughts on “Pfsense Blog Post

      1. Anyways sir, do you have facebook account so that makapag chat ako sa inyo. I want to ask questions regarding pfsense, captive portal and diskless if you also have ideas to it. Marami pong salamat and God Bless


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